You and Your Wedding – Money Saving Tips Part 1

Hello! Thanks for visiting my Page! I hope you are excited to plan your wedding!

When planning your wedding a key place to start would be your budget. Whether it is big or small, there is an eventual limit and having that number (estimated or not) will help you decide what will be spent for your day.

Below are some handy Livingstone Rose tips to help you through the process.

 The Number of Guests

 You get engaged, get excited and want to invite everyone to your wedding. Or it could be that you want a small wedding but your parents wants to invite everyone that they have ever met along with their friends. Before you send out all information you need to be aware that the more people you invite the more expensive the wedding will be. It means more chair covers, sashes or chairs you need to rent, favors you need to buy, food you need to order, invitations you will need to send, bigger venue to hire, drinks to reserve for etc etc. Your final guest list will affect your budget!

 Think about it, when you look back on your wedding pictures or video in 10 or even 5 years, will you really recognise these people or care if they were there? I think you need to revisit that guest list.

 The number of wedding vendors hired for your wedding day

 You get what you pay for. You get what you pay for. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! If you can’t afford a photographer have friends take pictures, or use an IPod instead of a DJ, however don’t cut where you want a professional job done! It can be well spent money when choosing the right professionals! You might be able to go to have some friends do a DJ session and get some great hints and tips to create a great set list.

Always budget for the big things! There are vendors available with packages that will suit your budget. If pictures are important pay for it and use the talents of your friends for other more “backstage” items.

  Time of Year for the Wedding

The wedding season normally runs from May-October, having an off-season wedding can save you money because most vendors need the business more.

  The Day of the Week for the Wedding

 Saturday is the most popular day for a wedding, try a Friday or Sunday wedding to save money as vendors have fewer bookings then. You could save thousands with a midweek or Sunday date wedding.

  Time of Day for the Ceremony and Reception

 A morning or early afternoon wedding can save you money because people will not drink as much and you aren’t expected to serve a full meal, plus dinner is more expensive compared to a brunch.

While you take these tips into consideration, please remember to enjoy the process and there are professionals available to service your needs.

If you would like more information visit or email or call 07930543198

See Part 2 Next Week


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