Accessories – Veils

The Wedding Veil is considered to have originated to protect the bride from evil spirits. Well whatever your reason the wedding veil has evolved into a very stylish accessory to your wedding day look. Some brides choose not to wear one while others are as excited about the veil as the dress as they can’t see one without the other.

Whatever your reasons enjoy these fabulously stunning statement making veils.

ImageThe detail, the sparkle. Enjoy the back of the bride as much as the front.

the veil is breathtaking!!

Love the lace detail!


Photo perfection!

Veil - photo idea

Ahhh the romance….


Just a blusher 🙂

Flower child, hippie, boho, veil, flowers

Would you do colour? Fantastic idea.

How can we talk about veils without remembering the iconic one worn by Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.

Enjoy the drama, simplicity, style, colour that you love. Whatever you do choose one that enhances your look and enhances how you feel on this special day!

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