You and Your Wedding – Money Saving Tips Part 2

Welcome again to the blog!  I hope you are excited to plan your wedding!

When planning your wedding a key place to start would be your budget. Whether it is big or small, there is an eventual limit and having that number (estimated or not) will help you decide what will be spent for you day.

Last time we dealt with guest capacity, vendor choice, time of year, day of the week and time of the day. Hopefully that was very helpful and gave you some food for thought.

Below are some more handy Livingstone Rose tips to help you through the process.

 Location of the Reception

Romantic pretty purple wedding decor style interior

 Your reception venue will reflect the style and formality of your reception. Reception venues book up to a year or more in advance. If you have your heart set on a location make an appointment as soon as you can. You don’t want your venue to be an ok choice. This can be a big part of your budget therefore choose wisely.

 How formal the wedding will be

If your wedding is a black tie event, your dress and his tuxedo will cost more. This will also extend to the cost of dinner service, dinner and the reception hall. Black tie events are also later in the day and hiring costs overall will increase as this is the most popular time of the day for events. Your entire planning process needs to flow. Don’t send formal invitations when you are planning a barbeque! Think about your day in its entirety. Start from the type of couple you are, the invites you want, the venues and activities planned and the food you will serve. Is a formal wedding really you?

The type of food served and how it’s served

 There can be a lot of discretion with the food you serve. How many courses will you have? If I’m having a cocktail hour do I serve starters? Will the cake be the dessert? Do I have options for vegetarians or non meat eaters? Is a buffet better for what we are planning? Is it better to have buffet or silver service? How would it work logistically on the day? Much to consider

Number in the Bridal Party

 So it’s your big day! We get it. You want all your close friends, the people who have always been there to be in your bridal party. Here are a few things to consider before you call everyone:

  •   The more bridal attendants or bridesmaids the more bouquets and boutonnieres
  •   The more gifts for them
  •   The more plus ones to have
  • If you are paying for their outfit the more budget for that
  • The greater the coordinating requirements for fittings, dress styles suiting etc
  • If you do a rehearsal dinner the greater the cost

Keep your party as minimal as possible. Friends can get involved in other ways than being in the bridal party.

The type of flowers used for bouquets and decorations

 Flowers are seasonal and if your flower choice is out of season you will pay premium to have it. Your bouquet price will also vary depending on how many flowers you’d like. If your centrepieces are also flowers choose aesthetically pleasing colours that go with your decor. Hydrangeas are normally overlooked but come in various colours and sizes and also are good centrepiece fillers.

While you take these tips into consideration, please remember to enjoy the process and there are professionals available to service your needs.

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