Ideas for your Wedding Part 1

Hello and welcome again to our page.

Your wedding is a very important day and everything you do tends to either be what is the culture or tradition of your family or a desperate need to be different from anything that has happened before. The information below can be tailored to meet either of those needs.

Enjoy these tips to help you plan your Ultimate experience.

1)       Naming Your Tables.  Instead of using traditional table numbers, name your tables after a special interest or hobby that you share.   Such as…characters from movies or books that you both love, cities you have visited together, love in many languages or even games you both love playing!

2)   Newlywed Trivia.  Create a list of trivia questions about you and   your fiancé for your guests to answer.  This not only lets your   guests get to know you as a couple, it breaks the ice as guests answer questions as each table.

3)       Love Letters.  You can put together a collage or scrap book of letters you and your fiancé sent to each other if you had a long distance relationship or Cards throughout the relationship.

4)       A Groom’s Cake.  Have a groom’s cake designed to honour your fiancé’s interest or hobby.  A calculator if he’s an accountant; a guitar if he is a musician.

5)       Tell Your Love Story.  Have either your master of ceremonies share your love story with your guests.  A “This is your life” for your relationship.

Hope these trips provided some inspiration and look out for Part 2 next week.

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