Divorce-Proof Series-Divorce is Like A Death…


The Wedding Bid

“So What Are You Doing to Make Your Marriage Stay Alive?”



There is no such thing as a NO FAULT DIVORCE! Everyone has a role and a fault in a divorce. No one is a perfect spouse. We are imperfect people who marry other imperfect people, but still hope for a Fairytale! It takes love, work, dedication, commitment, trust, faith, and especially forgiveness to stay married and to have a great marriage.

In the natural, if you were diagnosed with an incurable disease, or some other curable infirmity, you would do whatever it takes to stay alive. You would change your diet, exercise, get surgery, take medication, and do whatever therapy just to extend your life and the quality of it.

So why is that when our marriages go through a diseased state we only want to get a divorce (a death) and not fight for it to live?…

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