Make Premarital Counseling Mandatory — What Do You Think?

I think this should be a standard requirement. Statistics show that couples that invest in this are less likely to divorce.
Also, if it’s a thing of cost, reduce the budget somewhere else and pay for it!
I think a couple who is not willing to invest in their marriage that is meant for life, but pay thousands for a wedding day is not ready to be married.

The Knot Blog

A group called Kids Against Divorce has lobbied for a bill called the Colorado Marriage Education Act to be added to the ballot. The bill would require couples to complete 10 hours of prewedding counseling in order to apply for a marriage license and would include tax breaks for couples who continue to attend counseling after they’re married, reports The Denver Post. If you’re marrying for the second or third time, the requirement would go up to 20 or 30 hours.

The proposal is obviously controversial. On the one hand, those against the bill wonder whether the state should be involved in a couple’s decision to get married. There’s also typically a fee associated with nonreligious prewedding courses, which may be an obstacle for some couples. But on the other hand, counseling often helps couples (even those not facing relationship problems) and can equip them with skills to work…

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