Purpose vs. Relationships

Righteously Real

When you have a full understanding of your purpose and your calling, you recognize that the company you keep (relationships of all kinds: friendships, boyfriends/girlfriends, wife/husband, mentors, etc), can either make or break the fruitfulness of what you have been tasked to do. It is important to self-reflect and realize that we all have met many potential friends and mates who could or would have been a great connection for us. They would love, care for us, etc. But the point of the matter is to take time to truly consider if they would fit best with our purpose and calling.

The word best is the key to having relationships that assist you in your life journey and purpose. It must be realized that the relationships you carry have significant weight in your life. No one in your life is just a bystander or a neutral party. Everyone is either…

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