My Big Day

Love the tips! Play close attention to point 8.

Be inspired!! Enjoy and share!

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Bless her Heart and Mine

BIG NEWS. I got married last month :), which is why I have been far far away from this blog for months. I personally had no idea how much planning, time and STRESS went into a wedding. I really didn’t. I thought I did, but I had no idea.

As it got closer and closer to the big day I found myself reading many a blog about wedding planning. Naturally, I should have started with this method but my excitement overtook me and I jumped in without really thinking.

There are so many great ideas out there but after surviving my HUGE wedding I felt like I need to share my do’s and don’ts as well. So here are my top 8 (because I didn’t have 10) wedding planning tips for all those lucky ladies out there.

1. Picture your day.

I mean really picture it. What do you see?…

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