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Happy Birthday vs Happy Anniversary


Hey everyone!! Happy December 3rd. Why happy? Today is my birthday and a friend suggested that I write about couples getting married on a birthday.

Personally, I wouldn’t get married on my birthday. I love keeping milestones separate but some couples love doing this. Couples who met on a birthday sometimes wants to get married on the other partner’s day to make it special.

Ideas that can make it work?

  • Great surprise birthday and anniversary parties
  • Celebration trips can be done together
  • Other people will remember and you shouldn’t again forget your birthday or anniversary
  • It’s romantic
  • It’s a double celebration

Ways it could go wrong?

  • You’d forget both events and you would be in trouble for a year or never live it down
  • You’ll only get one present 🙂
  • If you’re superstitions some say it’s bad luck (not sure why)

Whatever decision you choose to make, think of the long term effects, family traditions that you will choose to continue as a couple and what will make it most special for you. I selfishly want to be able celebrate my birthday and anniversary separately especially being in December there is already enough going on!

What have you done and would you get married on your birthday?

Be inSpired!! Enjoy and share!

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