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To Love and be Loved

Shoes!! Lovely shoes!!! Comfort or style……

So you’re walking down the aisle and you see yourself gliding. All your friends and family are smiling, you have on a stunning dress and hair and makeup is amazing.

Suddenly you feel a twinge…. how can your feet be hurting already?!!

Check out these fabulous shoes you could wear to your wedding. With or without the discomfort.

These Nude Sparkly Stilettos will give you that boost in height AND get you through the night. The hidden platform in the front gives you a little bit of cushion and a less harsh arch.


Perfect heel height for all day comfort


Not a fan of sky high stilettos, platforms or pumps? Enter, these kitten heels. A perfect shoe if you don’t want to lose the femininity or glamour in your shoes but wants to be comfortable during your 10 hour wedding day.

Choose what works for you, fashion and or comfort. Enjoy!!!

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