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First Look?? When did that start

First Look, What is that?

A first look is a moment staged and set up by a wedding photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Normally, bride and groom would agree with your wedding photographer on site away from family and friends to give them privacy and to make that moment just for them. (or as private a possible at your wedding location, about you……) The groom would be looking away – at the wedding photographer – while the bride starts walking down towards him. She will tap his shoulder, and he will turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time.

For the couple that want to have the first look moment while still not seeing each other before the ceremony there are the options of blindfolding the groom (or both) yet still having some time together.


This can be quite an emotional moment and these pictures can help to capture the essence of the day!

I love the note sharing images or praying together as their first look.

First look is recommended as it gives you as a couple a moment to spend some quiet together as there is so much happening.

From the start of the ceremony you will be inundated with activities throughout the and will not have any true quiet time without someone trying solemnize the moment.

You will  :

  • Get married
  • Greet guests
  • Mingle
  • dance
  • toast
  • Toss bouquet
  • Do portraits among all the other details of a wedding day.

You will also reduce the amount of time used for couple pictures as you’d have done that prior to the ceremony and get to enjoy the spoils of you planning. You will also use the time for cocktail hour as time together!!

You will be giving up the first time you see each other (and I love seeing the groom’s face as the bride enters).

Think about how you are as a couple and what would work best for you. Be bold and enjoy your day!

Be inSpired!! Enjoy and share!

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